Services Offered
Medication Management, Psychotherapy, and Consultations are available for...
Anxiety Disorders
Depressive Disorders
Bipolar Disorders
Psychotic Disorders
Menopause and Mood Disorders
Mood Disorders During Pregnancy
Psychotic Disorders During Pregnancy
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Postpartum Psychotic Disorders
Premenstural Dysphoric Disorder
Coping with Grief and Loss
Adjustments to Motherhood
Coping with Stress and Infertility
Relationship Conflict
Interpersonal Conflict
Coping with Newly Diagnosed Illness Coping with Chronic Medical Illness
Coping with Family Conflict
Financial and Employment Distress
General Mental Health
Appointments Offered
Initial Appointment - 75-90 minutes
Medication Management Only - 25-30 minutes
Psychotherapy and Medication Management Combined - 45-50 minutes
(only available on limited basis)
Psychiatristpsychiatric services for Post Partum Depression
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